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What are the different styles of large silver bracelets?

You appreciate the bangles to put on your wrist, but also the fairly wide bracelets in multivitamin colors or even a women's silver bracelet. Una Storia® offers you a wide choice of large bracelets in rhodium-plated solid silver to enhance your daily life in all circumstances and in all seasons.

Large, trendy solid silver bracelets

Wide bracelet the summer trend

Whatever the era, large solid silver bracelets are always fashionable and in tune with the times. At Una Storia®, you can find very classic ones in rhodium-plated solid silver such as large link bracelets , for example going with all your everyday outfits, and even those that are more sophisticated. If you often go out and dress in an elegant long dress, fine-heeled pumps and a matching clutch, you can slip the Gioielli Una Storia® wide silver women's bracelet on your wrist to complete your high-end outfit. sewing.

Among the large Una Storia® silver bracelets to wear for the summer with a pretty light voile dress, the wide and rounded bangles in hand-lacquered silver like the SIena silver bangle are perfect examples for bringing out the summer tan of your satin skin thanks to these elegant accessories that permanently enhance you. Don't hesitate to vary these themes with large bracelets featuring a bird's head , or the body of a reptile or an insect like the butterfly bracelet.

In the news, trendy women's bracelets for summer 2023

Large silver jewelry

At Una Storia, the new trendy women's bracelets for summer 2023 have just been released for your greatest pleasure. Thus, you will be able to find the mischievous bird emblem of our brand in the Toucan collection among the timeless jewels. Its eye always glances at you thanks to pretty tinted zirconium oxide stones and the solid silver of which it is made is hand-lacquered by our artisan jewelers.

Among the trendy women's bracelets for summer 2023 , you will also find silver bangle bracelets that are part of the nature, fauna, flora, art or travel collections such as the Havana bangle . If you would like to have regular information on the latest wide cuff bracelet that has just been released, you can subscribe to the newsletter which will always keep you up to date with the latest news from our e-boutique.

A wide cuff bracelet for women, a link at the height of refinement

The wide cuff bracelet for women is an Una Storia® rhodium-plated solid silver jewel that can be a gift to the woman who shares your life or your feelings, but also to a person dear to your heart like your mother, your sister or your best friend. This original bracelet for women can take the form of a hand-lacquered geometric silver bangle or even a retro chic silver bracelet for those who prefer solid silver composed only of links.

The Una storia wide cuff bracelet for women is a flagship piece of jewelry in our collections. If you like distant trips to the other side of the planet, let yourself be tempted by the Moorea silver bangle with the hues of lagoons, palm trees and local flora or even with the savannah silver bangle with the colorful colors of the bush and the local fauna elegantly wrapping the wrist. Each of these high-end jewels is guaranteed for two years. Free delivery arrives at your home within 48 hours and you can return it for free for 30 days. Each piece of jewelry is carefully packaged in a free Una Storia® case or an optional gift bag.