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Maison Una Storia

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Una Storia Bijoux, une histoire familiale

Una Storia Jewellery, a family affair


United by a strong attachment to its native Auvergne and linked by an intergenerational talent recognised in the luxury leather goods and jewellery sectors, our family has been united for more than 70 years around common passions such as fine jewellery, travel, Italy, the French and Italian art of living. 3 generations of simple joys, projects rich in emotion, moments engraved forever in our hearts and those of the friends who have been with us since the beginning... 700 families from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region employed by our benevolent family group. 600 jewellers who have been stocking our French jewellery brand for almost 12 years and a presence on the digital sphere since 2019.

Frédérique, Cécile and Pierre, the 3rd generation "Our family has shaken up the codes of luxury jewellery for women, creating silver jewellery collections with bold designs and shimmering shades. Our flagship collections, Siena and Toucan are the perfect illustration. Our mission is to maintain the DNA of our French jewellery brand by creating high-quality, original, elegant and colourful jewellery. »


The lilting name of our French jewellery house has its origins in Italy… Una Storia® means ‘a story’.

Each of our jewellery collections in in rhodium-plated sterling silver has the taste of our childhood holidays in Verona, in the north of Italy, the elegance of the Venetian dolce vita, the perfect balance of a glass of slowly vinified Valpolicella, the magnetism of the regazza in the evening on the passeggiata, the colour of the Amarone, the romanticism of a lilting accent...

Each model of jewellery design from our French jewellery company claims a cheerful, colourful authenticity, a lifestyle full of life, in the image of our repeated trips to Italy over the last three quarters of a century. Our designs are imbued with Italian culture, sunshine, femininity, sensuality and boldness.


Toucan necklace in multicoloured silver

Because we endeavour to produce jewellery that stands out, in rhodium-plated sterling silver, each jewellery design or collection is imbued with cheerful authenticity. A unique feature!

Indomitable, joyful, wild, generous, contrasting, remarkable... Our French luxury jewellery brand Una Storia® is an ode to femininity, a hymn to its beauty, an appeal to its eccentricities. Each ring, each pendant, each torque and necklace, each brooch, each bangle or bracelet, proclaims the wearer’s personality and asserts their right to be colourful, yet elegant, to be bold while embodying excellence.

"Because every woman is different and because our jewellery is not for everyone - Dare to wear Una Storia! “
Our jewellery is made be seen, to be heard, it can transform any little black dress, or jumper, top or blouse into a head turner, our jewellery is made for bold, passionate women who are not afraid to assert themselves.


Because we only have eyes for you, our jewellery is designed to perfectly fit with your image, your expectations and your aspirations.

This is why your opinions, feelings and impressions are built into our creative design process.

Our collections are designed in France, in the heart of the spa town of Vichy, in Auvergne. All our jewellery is in rhodium-plated sterling silver. This means that a layer of rhodium protects our silver jewellery from oxidation. The multicoloured collections are hand-lacquered and the zirconium oxides are set by jewellery craftsmen. The artisan jeweller at our French design house, who guarantees the quality of our jewellery and the after-sales service, works alongside us in Vichy. We are continuously improving our designs thanks to your feedback, your comments and your constructive remarks - by phone, email, post or on social networks. We are progressing. Sometimes, we even decide to challenge and review our whole work ethos... but always with the aim of bouncing back with collections in your image.

For you, we strive for excellence - and never any less!


Because our jewellery embodies women’s freedom, we are committed to ensuring responsible manufacturing that is respectful of human dignity throughout the whole production chain, end-to-end. Each piece is designed in full transparency by trusted jeweller partners, who are fairly remunerated. Based in Italy and Thailand, they have all been chosen for their outstanding know-how and their commitment to ethically produced jewellery. In Thailand, each model is refined according to the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council) standard for responsible trade practice, which includes the ban on child labour. Through this label, we are working to create a sustainable future for jewellery on a global scale.