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Acheter un pendentif panthère en argent massif

Fawn silver pendant

120 €
Créoles panthère en argent

Fauve silver earrings

189 €

Panther jewelry in solid silver

Grosse bague tête de panthère argent massif

Fawn silver ring

165 €
Bijoux panthère gros jonc en argent

Fawn silver bangle

375 €

When it comes to jewelry, nothing is trivial or banal. We are immediately immersed in pure creation and in a certain transgression of the laws of aesthetics where we often encounter something extraordinary. Many of you have given us suggestions for designs for multi-colored silver jewelry and we thank you. The panther represents your dearest wish that the Una Storia jewelry artisans had the pleasure of creating in a block of solid silver. For 2023, Una Storia presents these long-awaited solid silver panther jewelry .

Panther jewelry in solid silver, an unclassifiable jewelry style

Una Storia solid silver panther jewelry . Inspired by haute couture jewelry from the 1930s, our jewelers were able to meet your expectations. Many hours of work were necessary to give shape to this colorful feline, highlighted by an oxide barrette nose and uniquely sparkling eyes and ears. Whether it is the panther ring, the panther bracelet, the silver panther earrings or the panther pendant, these jewels are all symbolized by the contours of the head of this sleek and elegant feline. This beast is the symbol of assertive femininity and appeals to independent women, but also those who dream of distant trips to Central Africa or to countries where it is present. Grace and distinction are the two strongest assets emanating from the animal. Here, the artisan jewelers of our French jewelry store have been able to take on this royal and powerful aspect given off by the personality of this magnificent beast and have created this panther collection with many colorful graphic facets. The untamed and assertive woman will wear this 925 silver jewelry set, part of the Una Storia bestiary universe.

Una Storia solid silver panther jewelry represents one of the most beautiful jewelry sets from our French creative house. It was in the 1930s that Jeanne Toussaint, after a trip to Kenya, was inspired by this magnificent beast to create the first brooch for the largest French jewelry house. Moreover, in 1933, Louis Cartier promoted her to the head of one of his most beautiful collections. The power of the animal then seduces women in search of freedom and independence. Una Storia today tells the story of this majestic feline by creating the new 2023 tawny silver collection. These stylized jewels in rhodium-plated solid silver are hand-lacquered by our jewelers and inlaid with zirconium oxide stones to further affirm the personality of the animal with multiple facets ranging from silence to pure beauty through ferocity and the majestic appearance of its movement. She is there, watching for her prey, ready to pounce and take out her claws on the one who is weakest with her. Every woman will fall for this exceptional stylized and timeless animal. We find it in the history of fine jewelry and on women with prestigious names. Thus, the Duchess of Windsor, Wallis Simpson, known for her love of jewelry, wears it on a belt. We still find it on Juliette Gréco's black jacket when she sings “Déshabez-moi” as well as on other great names in crowned history.

Solid silver jewelry for independent women on the theme of the panther

Una Storia panther women's solid silver jewelry can be a superb gift for a beloved, independent and distinguished woman. The panther is the symbol of strength and natural elegance. By giving her the panther ring in rhodium-plated 925 silver , for example, you are sure to delight her. She loves surprises, so surprise her and slip this superb large hand-lacquered solid silver ring onto her ring finger. She will be delighted, even if she doesn't show it to you, because her untamed side forbids it. The outlines of the stylized panther's head are used to represent the top of the ring. Multiple lacquered facets complete the appearance of the feline. Its eyes are turquoise blue while the inside of its ears and the top of its muzzle are encrusted with zirconium oxides to better mark the features of the beast. This head is placed on a multi-colored lacquered solid silver ring. It is also possible to offer him the large panther bracelet in silver and oxides from the same collection. It is simply slipped on your wrist through the center of the jewel, the two ends of which each represent the same colored panther head. This rigid bracelet is also in solid silver lacquered over its entire surface. It is as part of the tawny silver collection as the ring and accessorizes any dark outfit whatever the season. This arm jewelry further highlights skin golden from the summer sun. It is articulated to be carried more easily and thus helps the beast to curl up in a lascivious pose on the skin.

Solid silver jewelry for women from the Una Storia tawny silver collection is part of the bestiary of online jewelry and it's a safe bet that they will become one of its muses as they are starting to please more than ever. We have fulfilled your most cherished request by creating this collection. You can create an exceptional set by adding the solid silver panther earrings representing the panther head hanging on a rhodium-plated solid silver ring for pierced ears. This designer and timeless shape will swing gently around your face, giving off a mysterious and indomitable air. Beyond the representation of this animal, you will appreciate the material of which these jewels are made, because they do not move thanks to the rhodium bath in which they are soaked. Finally, complete the set with the solid silver panther pendant , perfectly drawing the contours of the wild animal's head in all its splendor. You can hang it on an oiled cord in the color of your choice or on a solid silver chain with convict links or even on a rigid solid silver torque that you will find in our dedicated sections.

Quickly order the tawny silver jewelry of your choice before it runs out of stock. You can pay by credit card on a completely secure page. It is still possible to use PayPal, Paylib, Apple Pay, etc. Each of these solid silver pieces of jewelry is guaranteed for two years. You can return it to us for thirty days free of charge after receiving it and if it is not damaged. Express delivery is free to the address of your choice within 48 hours in France and 72 hours in the rest of Europe when your order is placed between Monday and Friday until 3:30 p.m. If you have If you have the slightest question about one of these jewels, do not hesitate, our customer service is at your disposal by telephone or e-mail outside weekends and public holidays. If you want to give a gift and are not sure of your choice, order the e-gift card so that she can choose the one she prefers.

By wearing the Una Storia tawny silver set, show the independent and wild woman that you are while being very elegant and extremely refined.