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Maison Una Storia

Joaillerie française

Take a tour of Italy and the city of Siena with this Una Storia® Italian Siena hand-lacquered silver jewellery. Tuscany, a region resonant with Italian art and emotions.


Whatever the season, whatever the time of day or evening, wear one of these magnificent Una Storia Italian silver jewels to adorn a black dress or white lace top and show off your silhouette. A silver jewellery set designed for women of many talents!

With its delicately coloured lozenge motifs, this Italian silver jewellery creates a stunning effect. Discover the Una Storia Siena silver bangle With its gorgeous multicoloured inlaid design, this silver lacquered bracelet will look wonderful on your wrist, beautifully enhancing skin that has a sun-kissed glow. Bright orange, flaming garnet, deep black and sky blue take on the allure of precious gemstones like diamonds. This collection of jewellery for women is inlaid with zirconium oxides that sparkle brilliantly in the light.

Elegant by day, dazzling by night, Italian Siena silver jewellery can be worn to suit your moods, feelings or fancies, whatever the season.


Saying the words ‘Una Storia Design House’ immediately brings Italian Siena jewellery for women to mind. This iconic collection from our French jewellery design house has a sharp-edged graphic appeal. Una Storia® is Italian for "a story". Our design house is constantly innovating to create jewellery that is both original, elegant and unique; the perfect choice for bold,confident women.

Do you feel like wearing an Italian Siena silver pendant? A hint of sophisticated extravagance, this new must-have jewel with a subtle twist of Italian women's jewellery is designed to be square to reveal a sensitively embellished neckline. Like all the other jewels that make up this exquisitely designed set, this pendant shimmers with multicoloured lacquers, delights with its arty graphics, and is inlaid with zirconium oxides.

In this same stunning collection for women, take a look at the Italian Siena silver ring and the Italian Siena silver earrings.

These beautiful sterling silver jewels are made to order by the Una Storia Design House Italian artisan jewellers, and are available for delivery.

Una Storia - an ode to life, an ode to women!


What does our Una Storia Design House means by "classic Italian jewellery"? These are unique pieces inspired by Italian art, designed and produced by Italian master jewellers. Our French jewellery house designs the models, which are then brought to life in the hands of master craftsmen - working from one generation to the next.

Wearing Una Storia classic Italian jewellery, is wearing a jewel that means something. Bold jewellery that reflects the sublime beauty of the Italian woman. Well-crafted jewellery. Jewellery with a high-quality after-sales service.

Don't miss the three new models in this exceptional set that will be coming out in 2021: the black cotton cord with a Siena silver barrette, the pair of Siena pendant earrings and the silver torque necklace.