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GIFT IDEAS €200 TO €300

-15% sautoir argent pour femme

Aztec silver long necklace

295 € 251 €

E-gift card

from : 50 €
GIFT IDEAS €200 TO €300 GIFT IDEAS €200 TO €300

Gift from your sister for Christmas, Necklace idea for women

-15% créoles bleues et blanches

Aztec silver hoop earrings

255 € 217 €
-15% Créoles originales en argent

Lovebird silver hoop earrings

239 € 204 €
-15% Bague argent papillon


215 € 183 €
-15% Bague en argent cabochon

Jungle silver ring

279 € 238 €
-15% bijoux Papillon argent

Papillon silver necklace

299 € 255 €
-15% Sautoir original en argent

Lovebird necklace

279 € 238 €
-15% offrir un collier en argent original

Siena silver necklace

299 € 255 €
-15% créoles toucan

Toucan silver hoop earrings

255 € 217 €
-15% Boucles d'oreilles style italien pour femme

Siena silver hoop earrings

255 € 217 €

Let yourself be inspired by our French creative house. Your sister's gift for Christmas can definitely be found on our official e-store which brings together more than five hundred pieces of sterling silver jewellery. Rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, earrings. Give her a high quality piece of jewellery that she will keep for a lifetime.

Inspiration, gift from your sister for Christmas

Browse our selection of jewellery for women and find the idea of ​​a gift for your sister for Christmas that will move her. Because every woman deserves a gift that reflects her image, Una Storia® offers you many ideas for silver jewellery for women. All Una Storia jewellery is made of sterling silver. Offer a high quality gift with its rhodium-plated 925 silver guarantee card.

Whether you are looking for an idea for a Pashmina large silver ring, a necklace, a bracelet or earrings, there is bound to be a gift for your sister for Christmas . She will appreciate the high-end quality (925 silver hallmark), the design of an original and feminine piece of jewellery, and the two-year warranty.

The idea of ​​a necklace for women, to enhance your neckline

Each idea for a women's necklace or bracelet suggested on our official e-boutique is made of rhodium-plated sterling silver, and does not oxidize like steel or a plated metal. Our 925 silver jewellery is created with one goal: to please and bring happiness to a woman, on any occasion.

Offer a personalized gift by creating a jewellery set in rhodium-plated sterling silver. Choose the fantasy of a necklace idea for women such as a long necklace, a torque, a silver chain, a Cosimo silver necklace and its round clasp set with zirconium oxides or prefer the extravagance of a long necklace on a deep low-cut.
Transform a birthday into a magical moment by offering a butterfly necklace for women with the image of Martinique, one of the new products from our creative French jewellery Una Storia®. A birth ? Celebrate motherhood gently by giving her a silver torque necklace .

The idea of ​​a ring for women, a romantic present

Each gift idea for a piece of sterling silver jewellery Una Storia is at the heart of all our attention. The necklace, necklace or chain is placed at the heart of a discreet package, and delivered concealed in a storage pouch and its gift bag with a 925/1000th rhodium-plated silver guarantee card. And for a ring idea for women , the care taken in the presentation is identical! To ensure that the birthday or maternity surprise is complete for the woman who receives an Una Storia® piece of jewellery as a gift, no invoice is slipped into the package. It remains available on your customer e-account. With or without a special occasion, for Christmas or for every day, every ring idea for women , every gift idea, each piece of jewellery in sterling rhodium-plated silver Una Storia makes every celebration an event: weddings, hen parties, Christmas, Mother's Day...