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-15% Pendentif en argent 925 rhodié

Marina silver pendant

135 € 115 €

925 silver pendants

-15% Acheter un pendentif panthère en argent massif

Fauve silver pendant

120 € 102 €
-15% Pendentif long en argent pour femme

Bahia silver pendant

139 € 119 €
-15% cordon coton noir


39 € 34 €
-15% pendentif argent perroquet scintillant


169 € 144 €
-15% Acheter un pendentif croix en argent pour femme

Compostella silver pendant

199 € 170 €
-15% Pendentif mexicain en argent massif

Aztec silver pendant

139 € 119 €
-15% pendentif toucan pour femme


199 € 170 €
-15% Pendentif rond et oxydes

Fidji silver pendant

169 € 144 €
-15% Pendentif papillon argent


195 € 166 €
-15% cordon coton orange

Orange oiled cotton cord

39 € 34 €
-15% Pendentif toucan en argent


115 € 98 €
-15% Pendentif argent mosaïque


155 € 132 €
-15% Pendentif argent Italie


145 € 124 €
-15% Pendentif argent et oxydes Una Storia

Riviera silver pendant

189 € 161 €
-15% Collier oeil coloré

Malaga silver pendant

125 € 107 €
-15% pendentif triangle pour femme

Pastel silver pendant

139 € 119 €
-15% Pendentif carré coloré et argent oxydes

Constellation silver pendant

165 € 141 €
-15% cordon coton pour collier

Blue oiled cotton cord

39 € 34 €

Low-cut dress, chiffon top, unbuttoned blouse, crew-neck or turtleneck sweater, bodysuit... The Una Storia sterling silver pendant for women adorns the base of the neck or the neckline of women, according to their desires.

Offer a sterling silver pendant for women in a pretty gift package for Christmas or a birthday

Heart, square, round, oval, triangle or animal, all shapes are represented to allow you to offer a sterling silver pendant for Una Storia women. Whatever sterling silver pendant for women you choose, the rhodium-plated silver jewellery you select will not oxidize because it is protected by a layer of rhodium. This does not exclude particular attention on a daily basis by removing your precious luxury jewellery before washing your hands, putting on perfume or carrying out manual work in the earth.

The women's silver jewellery set in stock is eligible for fast delivery. Purchasing a sterling silver pendant for women on our official e-store guarantees you a two-year guarantee, each piece of jewellery delivered in individual boxes accompanied by a gift bag as well as responsive after-sales service. The price of Una Storia silver jewellery is justified by research and development, the high-end quality of rhodium-plated sterling silver and the work of art of the greatest jewellery artisans.

Pendant for women in 925 silver, a wide choice to match a chain, a silver cable or a coloured oiled cotton cord

Discover a wide choice of sterling silver jewellery on our official Una Storia e-store, and choose a 925 silver women's pendant . Discover numerous atypical and high-end creations imagined by our French studio and created by top-flight jewellery artisans. Looking for a pendant with colourful animal motifs? Discover our panther sterling silver pendant or the silver butterfly pendant. Create your personalized sterling silver pendant necklace every day with one of our women's jewellery in rhodium-plated sterling silver accompanied by a silver chain, a semi-rigid silver cable for a perfect fit of the silver pendant around the neck or a cotton cord for pendant with clasp in the colour of your choice (orange, blue, green, etc.) to brighten up your day and match your wardrobe. Change your style with our silver cable jewellery and oiled cotton cords in different colours. Opt for an original 925 silver women's pendant , just like your wardrobe.

One day, a desire. Which sterling silver pendant for women tempts you spontaneously? Animal pendant (toucan, snake, bird), plant pendant (flowers, jungle), graphic arts pendant (art deco, art nouveau). Do you want a particular shape for a 925 silver women's pendant that reflects your image? Round, oval, square, bar-shaped, heart-shaped pendant? With Una Storia, your wish of the day will always find its inspiration on our e-boutique of Italian costume jewellery. Discover our latest novelty, a silver water drop pendant that will elegantly enhance your neckline.

Sale 925 silver pendant for women, choice of various patterns and colours

With the Una Storia rhodium-plated sterling silver pendants , a single necklace is enough to create a myriad of trendy silver jewellery for women. Let yourself be charmed by the roundness and details such as the zirconium oxide stones on the beak of the parrot jewellery and the bail of the parrot pendant from the LoveBird women's jewellery set.

Prefer the graphic style of the italian Siena silver pendant and its multicoloured geometric shapes in lacquered silver. Enhance your outfit with a colourful piece of jewellery with unique patterns thanks to the long silver pendant for women. Opt for a refined look by choosing the Una Storia 925 silver pendant for women sale and why not go for the lovely Mexican Aztec silver pendant. A little neckline jewel topped with zirconium oxide stones and Mexican geometric patterns on a sterling silver piece in 3D volume.

On our official e-store, the 925 silver pendant sale for women tells the story of each Una Storia jewellery collection. Be agile by wearing the small Toucan pendant in sterling silver from the Una Storia toucan jewellery collection. Exotic jewellery inspired by the bird living in South America. The trend for pendants is resolutely natural, colourful and of quality for a reasoned consumption of jewellery. Rhodium-plated 925 silver jewellery that does not oxidize. Combine elegance and modernity with the women's silver pendants that you will purchase on our online site.

For Christmas, offer unique, daring and high quality silver jewellery.