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Joaillerie française

Sterling silver rhodium cable jewelry
& Una Storia® waxed cotton cords

What could be better than one of the silver cable jewels or oiled cotton cords to elegantly wear your brand new Una Storia® rhodium-plated 925/1000e silver pendant?

Imagine an infinity of combinations with silver cable jewelry and Una Storia® oiled cotton cords.

925 silver cable necklace, purity of lines

Choose a silver cable necklace that matches your desire and need.

Tip for choosing the right cable necklace - Several lengths

To choose your silver cable jewel, our French jeweler invites you to take a spool of thread or wool and then measure your neck circumference. Discover the ideal length: crew neck or slightly lower = cable or cord; neckline = rather choose a fine solid silver women's chain of 50 cm . Be careful not to confuse a silver chain with a silver cable necklace . A silver chain allows the pendant to be wedged in the hollow of the chest to suggest a cleavage. A silver cable enhances a sophisticated wear closer to the neck. In order to make your choice or let yourself be seduced by these two proposals to change according to your desires and the garment you wear, we invite you to discover the different photos of our jewelry worn on the product sheets of our official e-shop. Una Story®. Do not hesitate to contact us on our direct line during the week for any hesitation in silver jewelry (number at the bottom of the e-store page). Our team will be happy to provide you with appropriate advice.

Different diameters and sizes are available on our eshop:

Silver cord necklace, four inspiring color variations

What is your favorite Una Storia silver cord necklace color? Red, black, blue, or orange? Maybe all of them (laughs)! Each oiled cotton cord has an adjustable chain (3 cm) in 925/1000e silver.

A black silver cord necklace to match with the Siena pendant or the toucan pendant. The blue silver cord necklace to make the color link with the Aztec pendant or the Melbourne pendant. And the red? The chameleon pendant. And the orange silver cord necklace ? The Butterfly pendant.

Women's cord necklace, the vitamin touch around the neck!

Why vitaminized? A subtle oiled cotton thread that is both sophisticated and modern, the women's cord necklace is an essential jewel. The maintenance of the jewel is remarkable. The elegant and daring rendering! Its affordable price allows you to have fun changing according to your outfit of the day.

The oiled cotton cord jewel is available in the form of a palette of four colors. If your Una Storia pendant is lacquered with a touch of red, the red cotton cord will be ideal. Discover the sparkling black, red, blue and orange cords!

Change your style to infinity with a skilful set of multicolored silver pendants , choice accessories of the cable necklace and / or cotton neck jewel.

The Una Storia ® solid silver cable necklaces and the black pendant cord can be worn with all the silver pendants from our online store. Combine finesse and glamor by wearing the rhodium-plated solid silver cable necklace matching the pendant from the Una Storia Mosaic Jewelry Collection . Take a daring gamble with the art deco geometric pendant mounted on the 2.1mm silver cable necklace. Change your style by alternating your classic chain necklace with a solid silver necklace from the Una Storia cable collection.

The rhodium-plated solid silver that makes up Una Storia jewelry does not oxidize like copper or steel. The elegant silver thread of your cable necklace is protected from the vagaries of time, and will keep its reflections to infinity. Infinite, like the beauty of a pearl from which you will radiate by wearing your silver Una Storia cable around your neck, with or without pendants. This fine and delicate jewel in shades of mother-of-pearl sublimates the woman with finesse. #DareYou Dare to be subtle with our jewelry necklaces in solid silver and oiled cotton cords, the quality of which is matched only by your radiance.