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Birds have an irresistible charm, a unique and incomparable beauty, a natural elegance, often sporting a vivid and unexpected array of colours. As part of its latest summer 2022 collections, Una Storia has asked its artisan jewellers to create the LoveBird bird jewellery based on this iconic theme.


Take a close look at Una Storia LoveBird bird jewellery and you will discover or rediscover a whole world of poetry on this magnificent bird theme, already a favourite of our brand and in the world of high-end jewellery. This beautiful, brightly coloured bird was once traditionally associated with the Mughal court. Offered by Indian maharajahs to signal alliances and friendships, it was embodied in superb hand-lacquered jewellery inlaid with sparkling gemstones.

Inspired by this fascinating story, Una Storia artisan jewellers designed the LoveBird bird jewellery for the company’s 2022 collection. This gem of a bird, a pure marvel of this bird silver pendant, is in rhodium-plated sterling silver decorated with hand-painted, multicoloured lacquer. The solid, shiny metal of its impressive beak and vivid eye are inlaid with bright zirconium oxides. These stones twinkle and sparkle with colours that range from a pure diamond-like gleam to the deep, dark sapphire blue. The body of this beautiful feathered macaw shimmers with gorgeous summer colours - sunshine yellow, sunset orange, the verdant green of a countryside waking up to a new season, Prussian and azure blues matching the crystal-clear blue waters of the sea. The elegant woman who loves nature, who is both modern and dreamy, tender and intrepid, will be charmed by all the jewels in this beautiful collection of a parrot bracelet, a parrot pendant and a silver bird earrings.


Una Storia Parrot silver set jewellery is designed to brighten up your day-to-day life by radiating happiness when you wear for example a parrot bird silver pendant. Why not wear the Una Storia parrot bracelet on your sun-tanned wrist to complement a bright yellow top, denim shorts and sandals in the same yellow as your top. If you’re looking for a beautiful silver women’s ring, wear our bird silver ring on your finger, pairing its superb iconic bird with the silver bird earrings from the eponymous collection.

Una Storia LoveBird jewellery also makes a wonderful gift from the man who shares your life and your heart. He can choose the complete set, including the LoveBird parrot pendant with its magnificent parrot looking back in surprise on the end of a chain - available in one of our specific web pages. Complete your collection with the parrot earring that will emphasise the perfect oval of your face. All our jewellery comes with a two-year warranty and a 30-day exchange option free of charge. You can pay for your order via a secure payment page by credit card or PayPal. If you have any queries, please contact our customer service department which will be delighted to answer your questions during opening hours. We offer free express delivery. Your order will be sent via 48hr Colissimo to the address of your choice. We package each bird silver ring in a Una Storia fabric pouch.

Make the most of this charming parrot, a stunning piece of silversmithing and a pure marvel designed by nature and relooked by Una Storia to accompany you in a your happy and joyous day-to-day life.