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Parure en argent multicolore

Original silver jewellery set

Parure en argent multicolore

Original silver jewellery set

If she is an unconditional lover of 20th century works with geometric and vintage shapes, give her this set of original silver jewellery for women from the Una Storia Abstract Art collection.

Magnify its elegance with the original Patchwork silver jewellery set

The Una Storia set of original silver jewellery integrating the Abstract Art collection from our jewellery store features hand-lacquered tangy colours. Each of them is encrusted with zirconium oxides that reflect light like a diamond. They are perfect to be worn by a sublime young woman and to give her as a gift during an exceptional event shared by both of you.

At the heart of our set of original silver jewellery , discover a colourful bangle bracelet, silver sleepers, a large ring in multicoloured tones and an original silver pendant. Each silver jewellery for women in this collection can be intended for the woman you cherish and with whom you share your life. You can offer him the complete set on the occasion of an important event in your life as a couple or during a celebration such as his birthday or Christmas.

This set of original silver jewellery also allows you to discover a large silver ring for women if they appreciate the great masters and their 20th century paintings like Picasso, Miro or Vasarely. This piece of jewellery in sterling rhodium-plated silver, hand-lacquered and encrusted with zirconium oxides, is bold, but can be worn on your ring finger every day and for all occasions.

Give Italian jewellery to the woman you love

A man who shares her heart, offer her some Italian jewellery for women such as the Patchwork women's round silver pendant that she can carry with her at all times to think of you tenderly and of the love you share together. This pendant can go at the end of a silver cable cord or with an adjustable oiled cotton cord, both present in the sections of our e-boutique.

On summer evenings, she can still wear this silver butterfly wing bangle on the skin of her tanned wrist, which she can match with a little brightly coloured top and matching shorts. This lovely closed bangle from our Italian jewellery collection is one of the centerpieces of the Una Storia Abstract Art collection and can also be matched with the multi-coloured silver Patchwork abstract art earrings also to give a joyful, vintage and contemporary at the same time.

Silver jewellery for women from the Abstract Art collection is available to you in our e-boutique. You can order them to give him the gift of his dreams and have it delivered to the address of your choice, at home or at a relay point by free express delivery. All of this jewellery is guaranteed for two years and you can return it for thirty days.

She is beautiful, so enhance her, she is in love with you, so celebrate this pure and noble feeling as it should be. She is luminous and a decidedly contemporary woman, so give her one or more pieces of jewellery from this Una Storia Abstract Art collection to further magnify the superb woman that she is and prove to her again and always the unwavering love you have for her.