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Black and White jewellery collection -


Black and White jewellery collection -

Black and white silver jewellery, elegance

Black & White is a collection of jewellery in 925/1000th rhodium-plated silver full of finesse and simplicity that we invite you to discover with black and white jewellery . Ring, pendant, Black and white silver earrings and black and white open bangle are waiting for you to shine and reveal the chic of their two-tone wedding ring.

Purity and sobriety are in the spotlight of women's jewellery in sterling silver from the Noir et Blanc Collection. Succumb to the charm of the combination of black ebony enhanced by a multitude of zirconium oxide stones as brilliant as a diamond in black and white jewellery from our French jewellery store Una Storia®.

Wear elegance on your neck with the black and white silver pendant  from the Black and White Jewellery Collection mounted on a silver cable or a black Una Storia® jewel cord. Dare to wear this trendy silver jewellery set by wearing the black and white silver bracelet and ring, combined with the sterling silver and zirconium oxide triangle earrings. Elegant with a day outfit, Una Storia ® women's black and white silver jewellery proves to be the centerpiece of an evening dress.

Black and white ring, passion for refined design

Just like the other creations of the French creative house Una Storia, the women's jewellery from the Black and White Collection is made of rhodium-plated sterling silver, a precious metal that does not oxidize. Necklace, bracelet, earrings, black and white ring or black and white pendant can be worn every day without suffering the effects of time.

Opt for the purity of the design of a black and white silver ring set, at the ends of the opening, with zirconium oxide stones. A collection of ephemeral jewellery makes this piece of jewellery unique. A 925 silver hallmark ring that is sure to take pride of place in your jewellery box.

Because every woman is unique, Una Storia black and white jewellery is an exclusive creation.

Bold and unmissable, these two-tone jewellery in sterling silver are in the image of the woman who wears them!