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Bijoux argent grosse maille

Aqua jewellery set

Bijoux argent grosse maille

Aqua jewellery set

You love purity in all its forms. You enjoy the smell of earth after a summer rain. You are an incorrigible romantic and dreamer of a world where everything is love and grace. By creating the Aqua silver women's jewellery set, Una Storia® jewellery artisans have thought of you by updating a generous line of rhodium-plated sterling silver jewellery whose rings resemble drops of water.

The Aqua silver women's jewellery set, jewellery of absolute purity

The Una Storia® Aqua silver women's jewellery set immediately brings to mind clear water sliding across a window, so much so that the rings that compose it resemble this impalpable transparency and totally free of its movements. These 925/1000 silver jewellery are very feminine, trendy and glamorous at the same time. They are aimed at both the modern, urban young woman dressed in a skirt suit and matching pumps as well as the young girl in jeans and sweethearts wearing the latest fashionable sneakers.

The Una Storia® Aqua silver women's jewellery set is one of the latest fashionable creations that has enjoyed immediate success. Get to know it and treat yourself by ordering it to match it with any type of clothing, trendy or vintage accessories, because it definitely goes with everything and can fit around your neck or wrist to put enhance your tanned and satiny skin.

Designer sterling silver ring for the Aqua silver set

If you share your life with a man who wants to make you a priceless present representing the love he has for you, he will have the choice of offering you the Aqua Una Storia® women's silver set with a designer sterling silver ring during a unique event such as a marriage proposal, Valentine's Day or even your anniversary. If he chooses to offer you the Una Storia® Aqua double row silver necklace , he can slip it tenderly around your neck to embellish your neckline, leaving your skin looking satiny. If you want to bring a bit of bright color to your outfit, you can add rhodium-plated sterlingsilver earrings from an Una Storia® collection, such as the Una Storia® Madinina coloured and hand-lacquered hoop earrings whose motifs represent the tropical flowers of the island of Martinique or the coconut trees found along the blond sand beaches with clear turquoise waters.

The Una Storia® Aqua silver set also includes a delightful Aqua large link bracelet made up of two sterling silver chains hanging from two elongated links reminiscent of a falling drop of water and tenderly intertwined which can also recall the symbol of infinity. This very fine rhodium-plated silver jewel, also perfectly elegant, will fit on your wrist for any occasion. Its pure shapes and simplicity also allow it to be worn every day whatever your style. Also add the Una Storia® Madinina multicoloured silver ring to your finger to add a tangy touch to the Aqua set which goes very well with this set, part of another new collection. Like this designer sterling silver ring, each piece of Una Storia® sterling silver jewellery is warranted for two years. Available in stock, the accessory of your choice is sent to you by express delivery to the address of your choice or to your home. It is carefully packaged in a giftable pouch. Don't hesitate for a second to appreciate one of the silver jewels from the Aqua collection on your neck or wrist, whose purity will enchant you every day.

Femininity and glamour, purity and generosity are the qualities of the Aqua Una Storia® collection to become your daily life as you wish! So enjoy wearing them every day of your life.