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Bijoux en argent massif bambou

Bamboo jewellery collection

Bijoux en argent massif bambou

Bamboo jewellery collection

Bamboo jewellery for women, plant inspiration

Una Storia ® bamboo jewellery in sterling rhodium-plated silver takes you to the heart of Asian woods. Roundness and exoticism are in the spotlight with the bracelet, the pendant, the earrings and the sterling silver ring from the Bambou Una Storia ® jewellery collection.

No bright colours for bamboo, which stands here as a symbol of femininity in these rhodium-plated sterling silver jewellery. Bambou silver bangle or earrings, Bambou pendant or ring, each bamboo piece in this jewellery collection is sculpted from sterling silver. Faithful to the characteristic bamboo thatch, the iconic rhodium-plated silver pieces of the Una Storia® bamboo jewellery set are adorned with zirconium oxides to reveal the beauty of the modern woman.

Between the pure line of sterling silver and plant details, the bamboo jewellery from our French creative house does without shimmering colours to shine. Choose the bamboo set by combining the bamboo earrings, bracelet and silver ring in rhodium-plated sterling silver. Dare the elegance of simplicity by wearing the round bamboo pendant mounted on a coloured Una Storia oiled cotton necklace. Whatever your choice, our bamboo creations in sterling silver will quickly join your favorite jewellery in your jewellery box.

You will receive your bamboo jewellery in sterling rhodium-plated silver surrounded by tissue paper, and slipped into a beautiful storage pouch. For yourself or as a birthday gift, silver jewellery from the bamboo collection will not leave anyone indifferent. Dare to make a difference with your Bamboo large original hoop earrings or your Bamboo silver ring in silver. Bring plants into your life with the bamboo pendant and ring.

Assert your style with sterling silver bamboo jewellery. Dare to reveal yourself with Una Storia ® !