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Boucles d'oreilles pendantes en argent

Sterling silver jewellery for women

Boucles d'oreilles pendantes en argent

Sterling silver jewellery for women

Capital of the Philippine Islands archipelago, the city of Manila is known for its splendid Spanish colonial architecture found in the historic district or in several Intramuros locations. The Una Storia artisan jewellers were inspired by the modern and contemporary works of art housed by the Metropolitan Museum, to create the new Manille set composed of sterling silver jewellery for women .

Manille sterling silver jewellery for women  with the charm of the heart of the Philippines

Manille women's sterling silver jewellery from the new Una Storia collection is designed in a precious sterling metal dipped in a rhodium bath to never darken and last a long life. Inspired by the exotic location, the charm of its bay and its rocky islets, this refined and elegant set in rhodium-plated 925 silver from Una Storia jewellery, alternates a succession of fine chains and delicate cylinders depicting the landscape encircling the bay of the Philippines. Combined, these silver chain jewels form a lovely set for a refined woman paying homage to her grace while evoking her strength and tranquility while bringing a touch of daring exotic character that can enhance a city pantsuit or simply a casual weekend outfit, consisting of jeans, a white sweatshirt and a matching pair of tennis shoes.

Several pieces of sterling silver jewellery for women complete the Manille Una Storia silver set present in the section all Una Storia silver jewellery and the centerpiece of the collection is the sterling silver Manille necklace made up of a convict link chain supporting delicate cylinders, a nod to the local landscape and its extraordinary beauty. The Una Storia artisan jewellers have used their unrivaled savoir-faire to create this new set of sterling silver jewellery for women that can be worn in all seasons. These high-end Una Storia rhodium-plated sterling silver accessories are very trendy this year, but also go through all the fashions and will lose none of their shine and elegance in the years to come. They are witnesses to a present, but also to a future. This resistance is due to the fact that each piece is dipped in a bath of rhodium during its design. Thus, these jewels do not darken and remain shiny forever. Silver is a hypoallergenic metal because it does not contain nickel. View the 40 cm long silver necklace on the Una Storia 40 cm silver chain for women page.

A Manille set of jewellery for  women to make eternal love sacred

The Manila Una Storia jewellery set for women can be the subject of an exceptional gift from a man in love with the woman who shares his life and his heart. Composed of a necklace, a bracelet and dangling earrings in sterling silver, this exceptional set will be a perfect present to offer for a special celebration such as an anniversary, Valentine's Day, a date known only to you two or to end the year in style by kissing her under the mistletoe and enjoying the magic of Christmas. These Una Storia jewels will magnify the natural elegance of a discreet, slightly daring neckline, enhance the oval of a perfect face or embellish the satiny, golden skin of a fine feminine wrist. Each piece of the Manille collection in sterling silver, like the silver chain bracelet for women , is designed to reflect purity, exoticism, the desire for distant journeys to islands with transparent seas and warm, clear water.

The Manille Una Storia women's jewellery set is warranted for two years. You can purchase each piece together or separately depending on your choice. It is possible to return the order to us at no additional cost for thirty days after receipt. Bracelet, necklace and 925 silver dangling earrings from the Manille collection will bring charm, discretion and a dream of escape to the woman who wears them. Do not hesitate to place your order and pay by credit card on a completely secure page. Other payment methods are available to you such as PayPal, Alma Pay Apple Pay, etc. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our after-sales service who will be happy to answer you by e-mail or by telephone during office hours. If you lack inspiration or don't know which gift to choose, think about the e-gift card that you can give to the person of your choice. Free express delivery arrives by Colissimo to the address of your choice within 48 days in France and 72 hours in Europe. Your package is carefully packaged in a free Una Storia box or in an optional gift bag.

Choose the Manille silver set and escape to the Philippines every time you carry this ravishing collection with you.