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Grosse bague ouverte en argent et oxydes

Constellation silver ring

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Constellation jewelry in solid silver

Una Storia continues to innovate and each year offers new collections of silver jewelry for women, each one as unique and elegant as the next. For this new season, jewelers, all artisans of art and creators of emblematic pieces resplendent with pure beauty, have created constellation jewelry in solid silver . Find here the mysterious infinity composed of bright colored nebulae on a dark background allowing them to shine even more in space.

Constellation jewelry in solid silver for mysterious women

Una Storia solid silver constellation jewelry is the culmination of long research and studies to offer you colorful star patterns that can also be perceived as abstract art. Thanks to their geometric lines on a nocturnal backdrop, fall for this high-quality jewelry trend. These 925 silver jewelry express timelessness, elegance and minimalism. They are inspired by the stars, shining in the sky on summer evenings, like thousands of diamonds sparkling in the firmament. Here, a nebula rubs shoulders with a few planets in nocturnal tones. There, we find colored stars symbolized by a hand-lacquered geometric design graphic inlaid with zirconium oxide stones. These solid silver jewelry for women with asymmetrical compositions can be worn alone or together to match an evening outfit such as a long flowing dress that is just elegant, sensual, fine, dark and shiny pumps and a clutch of the same texture. They can thus highlight a slender silhouette evoking shooting stars passing so quickly that they dazzle all eyes turned towards them. It is also possible to consider wearing them in any season and at any time of day. In summer, they will seduce beautiful tanned women on the beach, dressed in a little top with thin straps and very short denim shorts, frayed and discreetly revealing a small tattoo on the lower back, which can also represent a small star. In winter, they will sparkle on your neck, ears, wrist or ring finger, or may simply be waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

The Una Storia solid silver constellation jewelry set has it all. What more beautiful jewelry for women than that inspired by a starry sky. This collection, hand-painted by Una Storia jewelry artisans, will enhance a light or dark outfit for a day marked by the stars or a romantic evening. Observe the meticulous details highlighted by rows of zirconium oxides to bring shine and radiance. Our Una Storia jewelry thus enhances the wardrobe of the distinguished, mysterious, sophisticated and passionate woman. These constellation jewels in solid silver are very trendy in 2023 high jewelry. Each piece is exceptional due to its graphics, its colors and its precious metal in solid and rhodium-plated silver. They narrate infinity, while releasing a unique graphic energy. On a long finger tanned by the rays of the sun, the main star of our galaxy, elegantly wear the 925 silver constellation ring paved with stones so brilliant that it will reflect all the moments of intense happiness in your life. This black ring in rhodium-plated solid silver can also be the subject of a gift offered by your loved one on a special occasion.

The trend in jewelry for women playing the sky map

This year, the women's jewelry trend represents a mystical metaphor paying tribute to feminine beauty. The Constellation Una Storia collection is, par excellence, the one that will introduce you to jewelry with minimalist but expressive figuration relating to an unknown world of which we are a part. With the constellation ring in 925 silver, it is possible to put on the large constellation bracelet in solid silver of the same nature. This rigid bracelet in hand-lacquered solid silver is in perfect harmony with the constellation ring and perfects a satiny skin, a fine wrist or the beginning of a wild silk sleeve carelessly open on a hand still bearing the mark of the sign of infinity to further evoke the mystery of the Universe. Capture the dark side in you and show it off by wearing the 925 silver constellation earrings on your lobes. A moon seems to be looking at an earth or another lovely planet with the colors of seas, oceans and forests. These earrings simply clip on and enhance the fine features of your sweet face. Wear your hair short or pulled back, if it is long to highlight this harmonious ensemble with shimmering colors. To finalize this splendid Una Storia constellation collection in hand-lacquered silver, you can consider purchasing a solid silver chain, a rigid torque or even a waxed cord in our dedicated sections in order to wear the solid silver constellation pendant at home. square shape and planetary motifs inlaid with zirconium oxides in the center of the stars and different stars evoked on the jewel. These magnificent celestial jewels of the moment are very fashionable. They have been used many times by the greatest couturiers since the 1950s and are still in fashion. These new variations, with Una Storia constellation, allow you to treat yourself to an intimate, rare jewel, symbolizing a unique energy.

The trend in women's jewelry at Una Storia is always there with each new collection. With constellation jewelry, you will enjoy the dream by escaping into a cosmos that is still almost impenetrable and has not revealed all its mysteries to human beings. If you want to offer this exceptional set to a close woman, who could be your partner, your sister or your mother, the Una Storia constellation set is the new collection that she absolutely needs to declare your unwavering love for her, whether your feeling either loving, friendly or filial. You can offer these jewelry on all occasions such as Valentine's Day, Christmas, birthday, wedding or Mother's Day. It is possible to play the e-gift card that you will find on our online jewelry store Una Storia. This card is valid for one year from the date of purchase and allows you to give the greatest pleasure to the woman filling your heart. The constellation set is one of the latest examples online. If you want to treat yourself, you can order one of these silver jewels directly from our dedicated section and pay by credit card on a completely secure page or by PayPal, 4X, Apple Pay, etc. Please note that each of our jewelry is guaranteed for two years and can be returned to us free of charge for thirty days. Your order arrives at the address of your choice by Colissimo within 48 hours in France and 72 hours in the rest of Europe. It is carefully wrapped in a free fabric box or in a gift bag on request. Delivery is free of charge. If you have any questions about these products, our customer service team is available all week, excluding weekends and public holidays, until 3:30 p.m.

Shine in the firmament, contemplate the Northern Lights, laugh with the thousands of bells in the sky with the Little Prince and adorn yourself with the most charming Una Storia collection among the latest additions.