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Tendance des bijoux d'été

Silver teardrop jewellery

Tendance des bijoux d'été

Silver teardrop jewellery

Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Willemstad with our collection of silver teardrop jewellery, each inspired by the cultural and architectural richness of this iconic Curacao city.

Solar design for these silver water drop jewellery inspired by the Caribbean

Through a harmonious fusion of vibrant colours and original designs, each piece of Willemstad sterling silver jewellery tells a unique story, capturing the dynamic spirit of Willemstad. Nicknamed “Amsterdam of the tropics”, it is much more than just a Caribbean city; it is a symbol of history, cultural diversity and architectural beauty. Our silver teardrop jewellery is infused with the very essence of this city, from its colourful streets to its distinctive Dutch architecture to its cosmopolitan vibe. Every detail is meticulously designed to reflect Willemstad's rich and clean heritage. Discover in particular the silver water drop pendant from the Willemstad collection to wear with a silver chain necklace 42 cm & 0.15 cm wide, a silver chain or a cotton cord for women in navy blue.

Openwork and light, the silver water drop jewellery from the Willemstad collection has everything to seduce. Geometric patterns inspired by the facades of historic buildings with bursts of colour reminiscent of its lively streets. The use of vibrantly hued cubic zirconia stones evokes the glow of the Caribbean sun, adding a touch of glamor to silver teardrop jewellery .

Give a unique and timeless gift with the summer jewellery trend

Discover a diverse range of the intertwined oval design summer jewellery trend , ranging from zirconium dangling earrings , including the colourful bracelet for women in silver or the crossed silver ring for women. Each creation is carefully crafted by our artisan jewellers to capture the unique spirit of Willemstad, allowing you to take with you a timeless memory of this enchanting city.

Whether for an elegant evening or a casual day, our sterling silver jewellery from the Willemstad collection adds a touch of both vintage and quietluxury to every outfit. Let yourself be seduced by the summer jewellery trend and the Willemstad set which boldly celebrates colours and zirconium oxide stones.

Authenticity and durability distinguish this collection of women's jewellery in 925 silver with hallmark that suits the summer jewellery trend . Perfect to give on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Jeweller open on Sundays, you benefit from our express delivery service to receive your Una Storia jewellery within 48 hours.