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Torque original en argent pour femme

Silver torque necklace

Torque original en argent pour femme

Silver torque necklace

The Una Storia silver torque for women , a rigid necklace close enough to the neck, in sterling silver to enhance a woman's neckline.

Silver torque for women, extreme luxury

The silver torque for women from French jewellery Una Storia comes in the form of different collections: Toucan, Siena, Papillon, Jungle, Aztec, etc. To embrace yourself, you can also prefer the Siena silver torque necklace, sterling rhodium-plated lacquered in shimmering shades.

Satisfy your desires by treating yourself to one of these superb women's jewels with a unique charm.

The women's silver torque , the "must have" for an extraordinary set of jewellery, unique like you. If you like animal representations, choose from silver torques like the Una Storia Toucan silver torque necklace with the image of the beautiful tropical bird whose eyes shine brightly thanks to black zirconium oxide stones.

Torque necklace in sterling silver, certified quality

All torque necklaces in sterling silver are made by artisan jewellers. The 925/1000th rhodium-plated silver torques are hand-lacquered in very bright tones and often encrusted with zirconium oxide stones.

Affirm your natural style with the Butterfly necklace for woman thanks to the luxurious wings of the insect in a colourful design.

Each sterling silver torque necklace is an exceptional piece of jewellery from creative jewellery Una Storia. You can also match it with a sterling silver ring from the same collection or with a hand-lacquered bracelet, set with zirconium oxide stones.

The sterling silver torque necklace of your choice is certainly in stock. If this is not the case, our team invites you to click on the button on this page inviting you to contact us by email so that we can notify you of its restocking.

To offer Una Storia sterling silver torque necklace is to offer a refined jewel of excellence.